The Multiplication Table Challenge App now available on the App Store

Enhance your multiplication skill by using this fun and intuitive app. Presented through several types of challenges, children will definitely learn the times table and be amused at the same time. The timed challenges will further develop their multiplication proficiency and the competition mode is one enjoyable way to confirm it. The app also tracks performance on each challenge taken.

Although its main functionality is to enhance the learner’s multiplication aptitude in engaging ways, the app also functions as a conventional learning tool for adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing numbers. You can sit down with your child or student and go through levels of math statements and test them afterwards. You can shuffle the math expressions so it will always produce a “fresh” test every time.

The Multiplication Table Challenge will capture the attention of young and new learners alike. Imagine playing with your child and being beaten every time through this app. Add some spice to your beginner’s math class through competitions by introducing this app. Learning and enhancing one’s math skills in a fun way, who doesn’t want that?


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